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kh_mod is a modification of the well known web photo gallery MG2. The files which are produced by kh_mod 0.2 or above are NOT compatible to MG2. However, files from MG2 or kh_mod 0.1 will being converted in the kh_mod file format during the update automatically.

In difference to MG2 kh_mod is substantially more stable. In addition kh_mod offers some extensions to MG2, these are in detail:

− HTML5 valid Code (Gallery)
− XHTML 1.0 Transitional valid Code (Admin area)
− statistical analysis
− support of keywords
− support of video files by Flowplayer
− support of sub directories for pictures
− support of multiple galleries on the same server
− sortable folders
− arbitrary sort orders for pictures and folders through position numbers
− images and folders can hide from users
− images and folders can be published automatically on a determinate date
− display file names under the thumbnails (optional)
− all thumbnails of a folder can be generated at once
− size of thumbnails can be changed in admin area
− the password protection of folders is applying to subfolders as well (optional)
− comments can be verified by JavaScript, Captcha, Black- and Whitelist
− comments now are editable in the admin area
− comment files will be deleted from the admin area, if there is no entry contained
− tooltips for mini thumbs are available (admin area)
− image navigation now possible by text, icons, thumbnails or image map
− all JavaScript functions (CKEditor, Tooltips etc.) can be switched off one by one
− and much more