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FAQs    Deutsch
1. How can you hide/lock a folder or image from users?
Therefor you only have to enter a negative value for the folder or image option "Position". Locked folders and images are displayed with a red background in the table view of the admin area.
2. How can you display a folder or image on a determinate date?
That will be done in the folder and image editor as well. Do just enter an appropriate date for the option "Publishing". That's it. Then, in the table view, you will see this folder or picture with a yellow background.
3. Does a locked folder also lock all contained sub folders?
Yes, it does.
4. Does the password protection of a folder apply also to the contained sub folders?
Yes, if "Folder passwords include sub folders (gallery)" is selected in the menu "Options", tab Settings.
5. Although the sorting is set on 'date' in the folder editor, all folders are sorted by their names!
That's because the option 'Force all folders sort by' is set to 'Name', menu "Options", tab Settings. If you set it to 'Folder setup' instead of 'Name', the sorting will occur accordingly to the folder settings.
6. After the update to kh_mod the descriptions of pictures are displayed without blank line directly under the picture!
In order to change the position of the description text, you can edit the class "description" in the file /skins/.../css/style.css of your used skin.
If you want to change the distance between all pictures and the description text, then do insert into the last line of the class "description" the CSS instruction margin-top with an appropriate value, e.g.:
.description {
   margin-top: 1.3em;
7. I have forgotten my password, how do I get back access to the admin area?
There are two possibilities:

1) Add in the second last line in file mg2_settings.php or data/mg2db_settings.php on your webserver the variables "$mg2->password" and "$mg2->adminsalt" with the following values:
   $mg2->inactivetime = 15;
   $mg2->extendedset  = 252;
   $mg2->modversion   = "0.3.4";
   $mg2->installdate  = "1209401823";
   $mg2->password     = "3d971d69e23ba55b0dd5b44c6280cd784a28714d";
   $mg2->adminsalt    = "SdTEPqLX6gpRas3+rwv4rxh7UTMdxmD33C+tb#Pw";
Now you can log in again with the password 1234 and set a new one in the menu Settings.

2) Delete the file mg2_settings.php or data/mg2db_settings.php on your webserver. This should automatically call the gallery installation script (mg2_install.php). There you can set a new password. However, with this method, all global settings for the gallery are lost.
8. It can't be posted very brief comments, it always appears an error message.
This is caused by the JavaScript verification in the file "mg2_jsformvalid.php" line 11:
  11:	objForm.body.regexp = /([-\w<?= $this->lang['specialchars'] ?>]{3,12}[\s\?\.,;:!]+){2,}/;
This requires at least two words, each with three letters and a punctuation mark, as valid input. You can delete the line completely or reduce the requirement to e.g. one word with punctuation marks:
  11:	objForm.body.regexp = /([-\w<?= $this->lang['specialchars'] ?>]{3,12}[\s\?\.,;:!]+){1,}/;
9. It can't be posted comments with special characters.
This may be because the character coding of files has been changed. This can happen when saving with an editor that does not support the character set used. But also by the web server or the FTP programme.

To check this, download the language file "xx_XX.gallery.php" from kh_mod to your local computer. Open it with an editor that supports at least UTF-8 and ISO 8859-1, e.g.: Notepad++. There, line 31 should look like this, e.g. for French (fr_FR.gallery.php):
  31:	$mg2->lang['specialchars'] = "éèêàÉÈÊÀ";
or e.g. for Swedish (sv_SE.gallery.php):
  31:	$mg2->lang['specialchars'] = "åÅäÄöÖ";
If there are no special characters but some cryptic characters, correct the lines accordingly. Then save the files and copy them back to your web server.